Learjet Desktop Model

The Learjet desktop model is a deluxe handcrafted 1/55 scaled precision reproduction. The model is made of precision injection-molded resin, painted with high-luster lacquer, and has an a removable Walnut wood base with an aluminum upright.

The Learjet 45 model has a wingspan of 10” (254mm) and a length of 13” (330mm).

The Learjet 60 model has a wingspan of 9.5” (241mm) and a length of 12.5” (318mm).

The Learjet 75 model has a wingspan of 11.5” (292mm) and a length of 13” (330mm).

Each model is packed in a thick corrugated container which provides durable, versatile, and lightweight protection and features die-cut molded interior with black felt which assures you’ll receive your desktop model unscathed and easy to access.

Custom paint schemes are available for an extra charge. The lead time is approximately 16 weeks. If you are interested in a custom paint do not order a model online, please contact us instead. Custom paint schemes cannot be added to models after they are ordered.

Learjet Desktop Model
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