LearjetEmployeeStore.com is the online store for the Bombardier Learjet Employees Club

Our online store is open to everyone, you don’t need to be an employee or an owner but you can shop like one!  Buy your own great Learjet, Challenger, Global and Bombardier gear today.

Both the online store and our physical store operate at the Learjet factory in Wichita, Kansas. The online store is here to help you find clothing, gifts and more. Even if you don’t make a purchase today please like us on Facebook.


    You’ve been asking for it, we’ve answered.  We have added international shipping, if your country is not listed please let us know.  And if you will be visiting the Learjet facility in Wichita take advantage of our in-store pick up.  Place an order before your visit and we’ll have the items ready to pick up.